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Raising Fields: What History Can Teach Us

When you come in for a landing at Palm Beach International, you pass over a network of blue waterways, canals, inlets, and bays that link pastel buildings and homes to the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal.  In fact, the Atlantic Intracoastal … Continue reading

Looking Back

Having reached the age when repeating oneself is a frequent hazard, I’ve been reading through this blog in an attempt 1. to keep myself and my readers as up-to-date as possible on Tips, Tools and Ideas for a More Resilient … Continue reading

Like Water For Avocados

After an announcement about a possible shortage of Hass Avocados caused near panic (and perhaps some welcome publicity), Mexican food chain, Chipolte, tried to soothe its fans with an announcement that there is no “guacapocalypse” in the offing.  Really?  Avocados … Continue reading